dubbed perceptions was created by Hynek Bureš to promote audio-visual arts such as video, photo, or animation as institutional communication tools. Audio-visuals are not only sleek presentation tools, they also have the potential to densify and personify an organization’s internal communication and knowledge exchange.

Since 2001 Hynek Bureš has been managing international development and cooperation projects for the United Nations Development Fund and later the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. In parallel, Hynek has been experimenting with photography, video and audio. dubbed perceptions combines these two spheres and supports institutions to build up their capacities in using audio-visual tools in their project cycles: Enriching their predominantly text-based knowledge sharing and communication channels with audio-visual media.

In addition, dubbed perceptions pursues audio-visual projects of different kind: fiction films, documentaries, music videos, installations.


cv Would you like to know more about Hynek’s background? Here you find a short CV.
brightness  Read about the many audiovisual application spheres and dubbed perceptions’ expertise.
clients  A list of clients dubbed perceptions had the pleasure to work with.


address Contact
hb@ dubbedperceptions .com
dp@ hynekbures .com
+41 77 405 14 18
Kasernenstrasse 40
3013 Bern – Switzerland




Icons by: Hakan Ertan
Many thanks to Aurélie de Lalande and Ehud Graf for their constant feedback.


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