dubbed perceptions was created by Hynek Bureš to promote audio-visual arts such as video, photo, or animation as part of an institution’s communication concept. Audio-visual tools are not only sleek presentation tools, they also have the potential to densify an organisation’s internal communication and knowledge exchange.

Since 2005 I have been managing international development and cooperation projects for the United Nations Development Fund and later the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. In parallel, I have been experimenting with photography, video and audio. Today I am combining these two spheres of interest by supporting institutions and building up their capacities in using audio-visual material in their project cycles. Enriching their predominantly text-based knowledge sharing and communication channels with audio-visual media.

In addition, I pursue audio-visual projects of different kind: fiction films, documentaries, music videos, installations.

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Hynek Bureš


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Kasernenstrasse 40
3013 Bern – Switzerland

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