Telling a career story


Animations and video statements to illustrate a career path | Mandate Cinfo | Concept Cinfo, Babette Pfander, dubbed perceptions | Stories Cinfo, dubbed perceptions | Animations Ehud Graf | Voice Fernando Tiberini | Soundscape Lionel Dentan | 2015

Cinfo consults and supports people that work in the field of international cooperation and development. In 2015 the organization embarked on the development of a new webpage. One part of their page presents different career paths taken by professionals in this field. The curricula vitae are presented in the form of text and video.

Each CV is presented in the form of an animation and as a video statement. The animation traces the career path of our character. The story is action oriented. We follow the character from job to job, from country to country.

After this eventful journey our character arrives at his/her current job. Here we switch from animation to video, handing the microphone directly to the protagonist to tell us about his/her current job. This time the image is steady. Our hero is at the (current) end of the journey.

From video to web design

dubbed perceptions was brought in quite early in the design process. This has not been completely easy to manage, as many ideas about the webpage changed throughout the design process. On the other hand, the design of the videos could thus influence the web design.

Cinfo decided to cluster the different professional career into 4 categories. we then proposed to color code the animations according to the cluster. This has been received enthusiastically and we were asked to provide web graphics that go with the animations.

Please visit the Cinfo job panorama page to explore the integration of video and web. Or watch all videos from this mandate in the playlist below.