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In one sentence

dubbed perceptions produces audiovisuals - films, animations, games, apps, web pages - for work and pleasure.

In two paragraphs

The company’s core focus is on telling stories through the medium of film or video. In today’s media landscape, stories are hard to confine to only one medium. Often they beg to spill over into other formats, across multiple platforms, looking to interact with the audience. An approach coined as transmedia. To tell the audience a good story, dubbed perceptions weaves different media into the story structure, creating immersive experiences.

Good stories exist within an institution and should be harvested to inspire, debate, and boost knowledge sharing among employees. dubbed perceptions empowers organisations to take advantage of new technologies such as smartphones to communicate through audiovisual means. An image is worth a thousand words. A video is worth 25 images per second!

In story form

Once upon a time there lived Hynek who apart from being a Czech refugee in Switzerland did not stand out from the lot. With thousand other students he studied political science at the University of Geneva and global political economy at the University of Sussex. There he fell in love... and this love propelled him to venture out into the world. 

While living in India and working for the United Nations Development Program UNDP his favorite activity is to explore the streets of Delhi - with his love, a mutual friend, and their cameras in hand: the d-block trio! The streets he walks are overflowing with the daily rumble of this deafening mega city. But what he sees is poetry in the chaos: Street scenes that he overlook at home receive special meaning when observed in a new environment. “Same same but different” as they say in India.

His dubbed perception allows Hynek to see anew, and to reinvent himself - as a filmmaker. The result is a medium length movie that serves the purpose of learning the craft. 

The creative explorations continue on the road from India back to Europe. The d-block trio documents the cities they pass through and explores the relationship of artists from these places with their city. The results are exhibitions in Zürich, Winterthur and Goteborg and on the net under the group's name transitpassengers.

Back in Europe the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC offers Hynek a position. Hynek accepts and works as program manager for different country descs. In his free time he continues to experiment with audiovisuals.

Finally in 2011, while awaiting his second daughter, Hynek jumps into cold water, just so he knows how it feels. dubbed perceptions, the company, is born.



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