It's web new!

30. 5. 2016


dubbed perceptions launches its new page!

Today dubbed perceptions is launching its new web page. has served me well for the past 5 years. But now it is time to upgrade!

The page is a collaborative product with Zeilenwerk, the dudes I share my office with. What we tried to achieve with the page is:

The new page invites visitors to COME BACK. The home page is a collage of the latest posts. With each new post, the home page changes slightly its appearance.

The page is QUICK AND EASY TO EXPLORE. There are no sub-menus. New creations can be accessed with one click. And two clicks take you to everything else.

The page serves as a PORTFOLIO. Since I love to explore new forms and applications of story telling, the portfolio is divided into creations that are purely in the form of film/video, and transmedia products that tell stories beyond video. - Yes, these terms might not always be 100% accurate, but they tell you the direction dubbed perceptions is taking.

The page offers a SPACE TO INTERACT. I love blogging. Blogging lets me reflect about my work. I learn while I blog. And I invite you all to reply to my blog post! - For now, I need to be patient. Not all the functions are working properly yet. Leaving a comment is one of them ;-)

But HEY! that is the nice thing about a new page. There is always something to work on! So please write to me (facebook, email, twitter) and let me know what works or what doesn't work for you!

And since I like my 2016 new year card, I attach it here below.