Create a workshop report with WordPress


Web based report | Mandate Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC | Concept Helvetas Intercooperation, dubbed perceptions | Videos dubbed perceptions | Web presentation Helvetas Intercooperation, dubbed perceptions | Year 2015

The employment and income network of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC took up the habit to write its workshop reports on a blog. This way, you have everything (summaries, background docs, PowerPoints, comments…) in one place. The report is shared instantly with everyone. Thus, the network’s newly acquired learning and insights make a greater impact not only on the participants but on its environment (other actors in the same field of work). Here a look at the statistics.

The number of participants varied, it peaked at 130 participants on day 3. – The graphic above shows the weekly aggregated stats. The number of unique visitors to the blog pages reached almost 300 during the week of the event, contributing to the 7500 views. This number is impressive for an organization used to sharing its workshop reports with its participants who then forwarded it to their bosses. These reports usually arrive 2 weeks later when no one has the time and interest to read about a workshop that is over.

SDC calls this reporting process social reporting. This report was organized by HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation and dubbed perceptions.

Here the blogging team: