Animations here we come!

27. 11. 2018


dubbed perceptions is now a member of the International Association for Animated Film ASIFA and the Swiss branch GSFA!

The trees still bear their leaves as if they were still in early autumn. "The effect of this year's drought" a gardener told me. But then again the fresh and ever mounting fake snow in the shop windows tells you "the year is almost over". And if those signs were not enough the supermarket speakers playing "Last Christmas" will wake you up:

It’s time to look back!

In the beginning of 2018 dubbed perceptions got the seven-year-cycle itch… and we survived! This alone could be reason enough to celebrate, for we know, it’s far away from given to make a living from work that adds pleasure and meaning to your existence.

It was a year of intense self reflection and questioning. What do we want to work on? Who do we want to work with? What sets us apart from all the other production companies? What are our values, our joy, our abilities? What this 7-year-jubilee-identity-crisis brought to light is:

Our passion is to tell stories through animation!

For now this change has taken place in our heart. The pen will follow as opportunities arise and our exploration unfolds. But we are certain, the heart shows us the way.

The main focus is on writing fictional stories for animation. We believe that the path of animation in Switzerland is still quite untraveled. We hope to find some promising new territory. If you have gone before us, we would love to listen to your tips, advice and warnings. And -for we will remain a small crew - we are interested in new collaborations with illustrators, producers, animators, artists to expand our visual portfolio.

This transition will not happen from one day to the next. For now, we mark this change of heart with our ASIFA & GSFA membership. And we have chosen a propitious year: 2018 marks the 50ieth anniversary for the Groupement Suisse du Film d’Animation! We raise our glasses and send our love!

On the occasion of this anniversary, the GSFA launches the traveling exhibition Swiss Animation - bewegt! You have the opportunity to look 23 animation filmmakers over the shoulder: how an animation film is created, from the storyboard to the final film. The next opportunity to discover this universe is at the Solothurn Film Festival in „Künstlerhaus S11*, from 24 January to 17 February 2019.