New year's greetings

14. 1. 2022


In 2021 I witnessed my story writing skills improved through the simple fact that I learnt more about myself, about who I am. I was able to let go of preconceived ideas what a good story is about, thus letting go of the self-made pressure. This opened a new space within me: A creative space where play is the key ingredient.

In 2022 I am eager to continue on this creative path, with one small difference: Find creative people and write, produce stories with them. After opening up to what is alive in me, I open up to what is alive around me.

I wish you a creative year!

Take a walk on the beach

On your left, the solid
That which is

On your right, the liquid
That which becomes

Behind you, your footsteps
Those that brought you here

In front of you, the light
The one that shines on you

Become the one you are