Happy birthday Ehud!

8. 4. 2019


I remember meeting Ehud for the first time. It was early on in my career as a film maker. I got a contract to create a few short animations and graphics and I didn't want to do them myself. I was looking for someone who was easy to work with. Someone who would take the time to play around with an idea without counting every hour spent on it.

We met on a beautiful early summer day at a cafe. We hit it of instantly. It didn't matter that he tried to show me his previous work on his smart phone, but didn't manage to locate it on the web. It didn't matter that he was the husband of the daughter of a very good friend of mine. There was this aura around him:

Let's just do it! And see how it goes...

And many, many, many years later we still work like this: Let's just do it!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EHUD !!! It is a pleasure to share the creative space with you!