The year of plenty

21. 1. 2020


Dubbed perceptions has been creating institutional films and helping clients to develop their audio-visual literacy for the past 8 years. During that time I have experienced with many different animation and film formats. One aspect in particular has caught my interest: storytelling. What is the right story to communicate a specific message? How to communicate in the most compelling way? Finding these answers will eventually dictate not only the text but the the form as well of any audiovisual piece I create with my team.

Thus, This year I will focus on what really matters to me, becoming a better storyteller. I start my working day with a page of creative writing. This is no news to writers, authors around the world. First thing when sitting down at my desk in the morning is to write a page of whatever comes to my mind. Though I don't structure what I want to write, the exercise nevertheless helps me to realize what words, sentences work best for me.

I subscribed to, a webpage that streams classes in many creative fields, especially in the field of film and storytelling. I have the opportunity to listen to professionals such as Ron Howard, Spike Lee, Martin Scorsese and others. Not every inspiring mind is a good teacher. Neil Gaiman's class on the art of storytelling has been extremely instructive to me. You notice that he is not only a writer but a lecturer, giving writing classes.

Finally I am embarking on the production of fictional stories in the form of film and and animation. These are long term projects that might not yield any concrete results this year. But one result I am reaping from it already: mastering the art of storytelling. Because it forces me to listen to the feedback of my collaborators and professionals in the field and rewrite my stories and story ideas again and again.

Thus I wish you a creative new year!

dubbed perceptions new year card 2020 has been designed by me, Kenny, in collaboration with my long time collaborator the Industrial Hippie.