Happy new year!

1. 1. 2019


Every end of the year I create a printed new year card. Since pretty much all of my work is in digital form, I enjoy creating something that I can hold in my hands. It is always takes time to come up with something I like to share with you. So what do I want to share with you this year?

This time has been special. In 2018 I have taken the time to think about my future steps. After a 7 years cycle as an independent film maker, it was time to reflect.

What is it that I truly love to do?

And how to do more of it?

Towards the end of the year my heart has figured it out. I need to balance better my professional with personal projects. In this I have not been very successful in the past. I want to write more fiction and direct animation films. - Now, every new big idea needs initial funding. And I am prepared to invest in my ideas. But my budget will not suffice alone. Animation projects are a lot of work. Where to find a crew, that is willing to follow me without a full paycheck?

I still remember one very late evening. I couldn't sleep, thinking about this question. And then of a sudden, there was light. It was the feeling you experience when your body finds the solution, rather than your mind. Over the past years, I have been working with artists who have shown me, that they really enjoy working with me. I don't have to question their motivation every time again. I can actually repose on their loyalty and take us all to the next level. And this card is prove of it. It is a product of a small collaboration, where each artists contributed readily: Tanja drawing, me writing, Ehud layouting

The text is and adaptation of a poem by A.A.Milne. I came across his lines while reading "The Tao of Pooh" by Benjamin Hoff. I have been reading this book back and forth the entire last year, while looking for answers to my questions. It is very fitting that this connection to the book is part of this year's beginning. I adapted it so it reflects my wisdom for the year:

I rely on my friends and take them with me on my journey.