Create 2017

17. 1. 2017



Or bonne année as you hear the French shout in the streets on new years eve. My response is to shout back wholeheartedly: BONNE ANNEÉ!

I would like to thank all collaborators and friends for the very creative year. Looking back on what we have achieved has been a rewarding exercise for me. I discovered a few jewels in my portfolio. My feeling of fulfillment is thanks to you who have been working as filmmakers, graphic designers, program managers, thematic advisers, musicians, moderators, voice over artists, web creators... with me on these creations. THANK YOU!

dubbed perceptions likes to operate in creative networks. A typical moment within the process goes somehow like this: I throw an Idea at the graphic designer. He sends me his interpretation of what he understood. I look at it and think: Oh, that's not what I really meant! - But wait that's actually not bad, we can use that.

1 + 1 = 5

I look forward to you teaching me the syllabus 2017 of creative mathematics!