Presenting DCdVET


Presenting your organization in story form | Mandate Swisscontact, DCdVET | Concept & story Sibylle Schmutz, Fabian Urech, dubbed perceptions | Animation Ehud Graf | Voice Fernando Tiberini | Soundscape Lionel Dentan | Languages German, English | 2016


Do you recall the last launching event you attended? It often starts with a power point presentation about the new initiative or program. In the worst case, the power point slides are actually the speaker's reading notes. Here an example on how to add a story element to your presentation.

The Donor Committee for Dual Vocational Education and Training DCdVET is an initiative by the four german speaking development organisations ADA, LED, BMZ and SDC. These institutions represent their countries. The presentation must reflect this official aspect. Nevertheless some story elements could be introduced to lead the audience through the official communication.

The presentation starts with a story about Lisa who works as an apprentice in a bakery. Her story sets the stage for the raison d’être of DCdVET. The hard facts about the new initiative are woven into Lisa’s story. [For the German version see here]

One format for the show another for the net

The animation was meant for two distribution channels: to be presented at the launching event and on the initiative's webpage. Depending on how the event is structured, you might want to setup your presentation differently for the web. While you can expect the audience to watch a 7 minutes video during the event, you face stiffer competition on the web, where your audience might click away sooner. We decided to divide the full presentation into 2 videos. [For the German version see here]

Capture the moment

dubbed perceptions continued to film at the event. We captured the key speeches. But more importantly, we captured the interaction between the participants, the experts in this field of work. Wile these videos have little interest for the general public, they are valuable to experts that couldn’t attend the event.

Here below you see Rémi Willemin behind the camera who helped me with the event shooting. I like his relaxed pose behind the camera, giving all his attention to the speaker. It is great to work with professionals that not only know how to operate a camera but have an understanding of the topic at hand. This helps to ask the right questions to the participants being interviewed.