Who we are!


An organization presents its services | Mandate cinfo | Concept & story cinfo, Babette Pfander, dubbed perceptions | Illustrations Roland Siegenthaler | Animation Ehud Graf | Voice Fernando Tiberini | Soundscape Lionel Dentan | 2017

Video production helps you to clarify your image

cinfo approached me to produce an animation presenting the organization and displaying its services. The organization was clarifying its role and image as a competence center providing career support to experts and organizations in the field of international cooperation and development. The video production process was one of the motors that helped them on the path to understand their role within the greater market environment. Everybody in the organization had something to say about this image! They also wanted to work with Roland Siegenthaler whose illustration style they appreciate.

My role in this process was to coordinate among these voices and still produce a video with a clear message. During the story writing process many ideas have been taken up and abandoned. These were difficult moments. Still, I was very much interested in accompanying the team in their process to discuss and define what they really are.

A good video keeps the narration as focused as possible. I hope that my sometimes severe focus on a clear message has been conducive to the organization. By offloading the many nuanced services and roles an unclouded message was revealed.

Stand by your video!

One of my roles in this process was to assure them, that at the end we have arrived at a great product. After all it is their image that is at stake! - Then again each video has its own life. When you post your video on YouTube, you release it. The video is free to be accepted by one part of the audience and rejected by the other. There is nothing you can do about it, but stand by your video!