Random Cruz Tempo


For Da Saz | Camera and edit Hynek Bures | Music Lionel Dentan | 2017

Sport in your ears

I met Lionel Dentan while living in Delhi, India, for 4 years. Back then he was on the eternal quest to become a sitar player. In those days his place was a frequent come and go of young musicians and artists. Many times I found myself with a drum jamming within a circle of talented musicians. Later Lionel switched the sitar for electronic music devices. I am a big fan of his creations.

Music is key to dubbed perceptions' creations. I make a point to create dedicated soundtracks or soundscapes for my videos. Lionel is behind many of the sounds you hear in my audio-visual creations. 

Last year he asked me for a video promoting his audio performance Random Cruz Tempo. How could I refuse? This is the second video I have created for Lionel. - I recorded the rushes during a very short trial performance at Bougnong in August 2017.

This year the project developed into a complete album by the same name. If you like it, please support them and buy the album!