About age


Documenting SRC's active aging concept | Mandate Swiss Red Cross | Concept & story Christine Rutschmann, dubbed perceptions | Camera Alexey Yarshevich, Hynek Bures | Edit Hynek Bures | 2017

When you start telling a story, don’t stop!

In 2016 the Swiss Red Cross asked me to supervise the edit of several short video documentations around their active aging programs. SRC worked with Alexey Yarshevich, an upcoming filmmaker from Belarus. I helped Alexey fine tune his videos to SRC’s vision. At the same time I supported SRC to form their vision for these videos.

During this process the organization expressed the wish to create an additional documentary about active aging. I was sent to Minsk, Belarus for further filming.

Acknowledge expectations raised

In Minsk I met Raisa who I had the opportunity to interview. She helped me a lot during this shoot. She even invited me to her daughters’ family for additional film footage. 

The months following my visit to Minsk the film project was cancelled by SRC for good internal reasons. But I felt uncomfortable. I wanted to give something back to Raisa. After all my visit raised expectations, small or large, that a video will see the light.

And so I sat down and edited this short video around Raisa and her wisdom about getting old.

And you will find peace

Listening to Raisa’s words in the editing room was a beautiful experience. I smiled a lot hearing her wisdom over and over again on the editing timeline. It definitely helped me to see age in a different light.

Raisa likes my little creation and her family asked me if they could have it, as a souvenir of their grandmother.

After all, my video had a purpose. I feel happy.