Why create a presentation with us?


Workshop presentation integrated into your webpage | Mandate Donor Committee for Dual Vocational Education and Training DC dVET | Concept and design Hynek Bures, Ehud Graf | Language English | Year 2021

If you want to impress your audience with your presentation it is worth to look beyond the world of PowerPoint. For our clients this means to work with a multi-media company. We have the expertise to conceptualize your storytelling approach, to help you visualize your key messages rather than write them out in a bullet point list. This support comes with an extra cost. Instead of you creating a PowerPoint presentation, you hire external expertise. And once the workshop is over, the presentation is shelved.

We at dubbed perceptions are sad to see our creations disappear in a folder on your computer. We are proud of what we create and would like to see the live span of our digital output extended. One way to do so, is to publish your presentation on your webpage. This way all the work you and we have done in synthesizing your message in a creative presentation is accessible for your clients or partners.

Together with DC dVET we have created two presentations for their program information event.

The first presents the organisation’s global work:

The second looks at two country profiles regarding vocational education training:

Make the extra cost worth it!

You could upload just the PowerPoint to your page. But a much sleeker way to do so is to create a full sub page that is integrated into your webpage. We do this with HTML 5. This technique allows us to create web elements or pages with a focus on the design rather than the code. This interface between the graphic designer and our clients helps us to react quickly to adjustments without losing time on adapting html or css codes. And adjustments always happen when creating a presentation. This is how good presentations are done: You need to see a first draft to know if you are comfortable with the direction the production is taking.

So, the next time you want to impress your audience but are not sure if the costs are justified, knowing that your presentation can take on a life beyond the event might be just the extra reason you need to approach multi-media experts.