Your focus sets the page desing


Web page: A personal coach presents her services | Mandate Aurélie de Lalande, holdingspace | Design and development Hynek Bures, Aurélie de Lalande | Language French, English | Year 2022

The collaboration with Aurélie resulted in her company's web page presenting services to institutional clients. We worked with Wordpress and Divi builder. These tools give Aurélie the power to edit her text and images, or add pages in the future, without having to go back to dubbed perceptions.

Focus = Get new clients

You can have many objectives for your page: A place to showcase your portfolio, or a page to present yourself and your professional skills or even a page to inspire your clients to explore new solutions with you. Aurélie put her focus on one thing only: Get new clients to contact her. Defining your focus has an impact on the page design:

  • First, she structured her offer into four services only. This is not as obvious as it sounds. Most of her mandates are a mix of these four services. They often venture out into other territories. Writing about every possible aspect of your offer can be counterproductive: Your potential client gets lost: "What does Aurélie actually offer?" It is key to structure your activity in such a way that it can be grasped quickly by your potential customers. - We then designed the webpage around these services.
  • With the services at the center we continue the design of the user experience: Make it a super simple for the visitor to contact Aurélie. Every page footer has a contact button. Every page describing her services ends with a contact button. Every contact button brings the visitor to the contact page. With this design filter in mind, the user experience looks something like this: No matter how you enter the page, you will explore her services and you will end up on her contact details: