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Video introduces the app | Mandate Shelfapp, Zeilenwerk | Concept Shelfapp, Zeilenwerk, dubbed perceptions | Video Zeilenwerk, dubbed perceptions | Year 2016

Zeilenwerk and dubbed perceptions share the same office. Zeilenwerk created these webpages. And now, dubbed perceptions is behind one of Zeilenwerk's product, a mobile application. The app is used in the warehouse management, helping companies to use more of their storage space. Both of us couldn't spend too much resources on the video, it had to be a one day production story. And we shot the video at our office taking advantage of the yet unused white walls.

One video, one idea

Raphael from Zeilenwerk and Oli from Shelf defined the objective of the video: First, the video explains how the app supports the management of a storage facility. Second, video can be used to promote the app to new customers.

For the first objective, we decided to structure the video according to the simplified steps of storing a product in a warehouse: registering-storing-retrieving an article. Simplifying the process is key in order to keep the story moving forward. This forward drive is key to keep the audience watching.

The second objective is woven into the 3 steps story structure telling the audience: Shelf makes it easy to manage your storage space at maximum capacity utilization.

Make it human

What I like about this video is its human aspect. We succeeded with simple actions to make the audience love Raphael, the person on screen. And that is probably the biggest selling aspect of the video. You feel the young and motivated team behind the app, ready to give you the best customer experience.

Enjoy watching!