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How to capture your audience’s full attention?

With a good story that is uniquely crafted, with compelling and memorable visuals.

With an immersive story:


dubbed perceptions produces high-end animated presentations for organizations that wish to stand out

  1. You bring the sector specific expertise. We excel in devising compelling stories and visuals. Together we distill your information into the perfect presentation.
  2. Which form is best suited for your story to make the difference you aim at? A live presentation, a multimedia story or a mobile app?
  3. Our network of creative professionals will translate your vision into a relevant, eye-catching, thought-provoking communication booster.

Browse our website for inspiration, or check out these portfolio examples:

Let's hear from our clients

I appreciate the way, how dubbed perceptions can translate complex issues in an innovative and fun way to the viewing audience. Hynek is great in saying more than 1000 words in one picture. Very easy to work with, very reliable and always maintaining even tight deadlines. Videos have immensely increased SRC visibility and contributed to our fundraising. For us it is an investment which pays off.

Monika Christofori-Khadka
Health Adviser, Swiss Red Cross

dubbed perceptions translates our ideas into visually captivating stories. The world and its characters draw you in, connecting with our audience beyond the hard facts. We use the videos on our webpage, at events, and during workshops to facilitate group discussions.

Lisa Isler
Director, Cinfo

dubbed perception helped me prepare an animated presentation for my interview for a large multimillion euro research grant with the European Research Council. The presentation definitely contributed to winning the grant by demonstrating both professionalism and in helping me convey dense and complex information in a small number of slides during a very short interview.

Andrew Fischer
Associate Professor of Social Policy and Development Studies
Institute of Social Studies (The Hague), Erasmus University Rotterdam


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