Pick up the camera!

7. 9. 2015


Last week I had the opportunity to address my professional demons, be they in or around my head. The safe haven to do this was provided by Darcy Alexandra during her digital storytelling workshop. The workshop taught participants how to tell their personal story with 3 to 4 minutes videos.

I recommend the workshop to everyone! Darcy and her team – Pip and Tony from patient voices and Veronica Vierin – know how to get the best out of every participant’s story. The strength of the approach lies in the focus on personal stories. No matter what your story is, you need to find your role in it. The power of the approach is incredible. The audience is compelled to hear your story and learn something new about your, the narrator. It feels so natural, for the storyteller as well as for the listener.

So I invite you to learn something about me ;-)

Enjoy the screening. Ultimately the workshop was about the power stories told through video. Hopefully my video will make you pick up the camera and create your own story! If you do, let me know!

Yes, the video is not polished. To me that is a visual choice which reflects the video’s message and the workshop spirit.

Here you can read SDC blog post on the workshop. The workshop was organized by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation to boost SDC colleagues’ storytelling skills to share their knowledge and experience.

Further links shared by Darcy

Story center – The organization where Darcy was trained. The Center for Digital Storytelling, began this particular practice of digital storytelling twenty years ago. You find many videos and valuable information here, such as the digital storytelling cookbook.

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Documentary studies – Photography, video and radio in the social documentary tradition

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