Videos structure discussions


Project explained through animation | Concept and story Barbara Hell (EDA), Nicole Müller (SECO), Cliff Hammer (SECO), Hynek | Drawings Chirstophe Badoux | Camera and Edit Alex Favarger, Hynek | 2011

During the annual public presentation in November 2011, The Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO used videos to structure the podium discussion.

Public podium discussions tend to be monotonous and risk to lose the audience's attention. By using audio-visual media it is possible to breath fresh air into the talk. SECO displayed three 1 min. videos to diversify and structure a 45 min. podium discussion on SECO's support to Albania's crumbling water distribution infrastructure. Each video introduces one important program aspect to the audience, and is then discussed among the invited experts.

Complexity conveyed in simple terms

I had the opportunity to produce these 3 videos. My main concern was to tell the complexity of such an intervention to people without any development aid background. The number 3 inspired me to present SECO's support to Albania through the systemic approach glasses: The triangular relationship between the main protagonists within the system of public water distribution: 1) the water utility that is to provide potable water, 2) the end user consuming and paying for the water, and finally 3) the local public administration, the guarantor of public services. Each video presents the problematic from one point of view.

Public utility point of view

The following points contributed for the videos to be well received by the audience:

  • The videos provide further information about the subject in discussion. They are not just a funny intermezzo.
  • Keeping the videos short makes sure that the audience focuses on the invited experts and what they have to say.
  • Opting for comic book style animation breaks the reality of the podium discussion and allows the audience to enter a new world for a short while helping to regenerate the audience's attention.

The comic book style animations present serious facts. Nevertheless, it allows to place a witty comment or a graphic display to loosen up the otherwise thematically focused and technical talk.

End user point of view

Local public administration point of view