Presenting your strategy through a video


Oranizational strategy explained through animation | Concept and Story: Babette Pfander, Hynek Bures | Animation: Ehud Graf, Artfactory | 2013

In 2013 the Swiss Red Cross SRC approved a new strategy for its international cooperation IC activities. Strategy documents are very important institutional tools. They provide a vision for the future, and a framework for new activities and management tools. But they often are written in a language that is understood only by insiders.

Since SRC has many donors and supporters the organization was looking for a new way to inform the public about its new priorities and principles. The organization chose to say it through a video.

The main challenge was to translate the SRC vocabulary into a language that is understood by the people for whom the video is intended. For this, you need to know: WHAT IS YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE? The answer is not simple. You pay for a video, thus you would like to be able to show it to everyone: the partners in your field of work as well as the general public.

If the target audience is defined broadly it is a real balancing act for the video maker. In this video I tried to cover as much range as possible. On the one hand the video provides much detail about SRC IC strategy 2020, on the other hand the video tells this information playfully in simple words.