Là pour toi


Empowering organizations to make their own video campaign | Mandate Stop Suicide | Concept dubbed perceptions | Special guest Alexandre Dufresne (GEduc) | Language French | Year 2016

STOP SUICIDE has launched its 10th sensitization campaign “Là pour toi” to increase public awareness about suicide and actions to prevent it. The campaign features video statements from public figures. The videos were shot and edited by the STOP SUICIDE team. The team’s video capabilities were boosted by dubbed perceptions.


During one intensive day Hynek Bures and Alex Dufresne (GEduc) trained the team on the 3 video production steps:

  1. Planing your video interview
  2. Filming your interview
  3. Editing and sharing your video

A smartphone, a connecting microphone and the video editing application iMovie are all the tools needed to make a good video interview. So what are the results? Let’s watch some of the campaign’s videos:

Lessons learnt

The video making workshop took place during one day. During that day, participants produced their own video. This hands-on approach was very much appreciated, but one could notice a drop in energy towards the end of the day. Just when participants were supposed to take in the most technical workshop input: managing and storing video projects and files. – This input must come with a last creative wave of energy from the presenter.

Though at first the main interest of the participants was on filming and editing videos, the importance of planning your video – what do I want to say? – has been much appreciated. Especially when different colleagues are to go out and collect film material for the same campaign.

The main lesson is that making your own videos makes sense! The videos here above don’t have to be polished or filmed with a Canon Mark III. These videos live because of their raw state! And this format makes perfect sense for the STOP SUICIDE campaign with messages from young people for young people!

dubbed perceptions is proud to have contributed to this creative process!