International year of family farming


Mandate Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC | Concept and Text SDC, Hynek Bures | Production Ehud Graf, Hynek Bures | Animations Ehud Graf, ADL, Yael | Music Lionel Dentan | The videos were produced in 4 languages: English, French, German and Italian | 2013

In 2014 the UN highlights the importance of smallholders and family farms to achieve global food security. The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC supports this initiative through different actions. To sensitize the Swiss and international public on the importance of supporting small farms around the world the organization produced 3 animations on the topic. You can view these videos here below.

Why three and not just one video?

The idea behind producing 3 instead of just one video was to be able to use the animations in different settings and for different audiences. First SDC published these videos on the internet for the general public, looking to attract the interest of the young. SDC cannot expect that everyone knows the current global challenges to secure enough food for everyone. In this context video 1 makes sense.

Besides the net, SDC would like to use the videos during workshops on food security. Here you can skip the first animation and show directly the second where a typical family farm is given central stage, illustrating the many challenges each family member faces.

In the first two videos SDC presence is little felt, apart the logo at the and end of each clip. That is great. There is nothing more annoying then when an organization tries too hard to market its work. Nevertheless, an SDC colleague might find him/herself in a classroom talking about family farming. Certainly the students will ask the question: and what is SDC doing? - That is the moment to show the third animation.

And every video looks different

You have certainly noticed that the imagery changes from video to video. This reflects to some extent the different audiences the videos try to attract. But the main reason is that these animations tell a story in 3 acts with a lot of information. It is thus vital to introduce new audiovisual elements in order to keep the audience's attention.