Imagine your career!

20. 3. 2017


How do I start my career in the field of international cooperation and development? How can I become a project manager for an international development organization? Can I change my career after 10 years in the same sector? - Such questions are very common at Cinfo, an organization matching and consulting individuals and institutions active in the field of international cooperation.

To show to its clients that there is not one way to go about it and to encourage them to seek their own path, the organization has mandated dubbed perceptions in 2015/16 to create career stories based on real life examples.


Each career story is divided into two parts. First an animation tells about the person’s past career steps. We learn what schools he/she visited, or how he/she managed to get the first job. Second, we meet this person in a video. He/she tells us about his/her motivation, the current job position, and about his/her future prospects.

7+3 = celebration!

7 stories have been published one year ago. The audiovisuals have been a great success. Besides the web, the videos are used during career planning workshops and info-events. One year on Cinfo decided to create 3 additional stories to complete the job panorama in the sector.

We at dubbed perceptions would like to thank Cinfo and all artists who collaborated on this beautiful body of work!