A client of a client video

1. 3. 2019


Safe Internet banking information video | Client Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts | Mandate & Story Roland Siegenthaler | Production coordination Hynek Bures | Animation Ehud Graf | Music Lionel Dentan | Languages English, German, French, Italian | 2018

I have been collaborating with Roland Siegenthaler in the past. We have produced a who-we-are video for Cinfo. We have a similar approach to our creative process: We like to play, but we don’t loose sight of the outcome and its budgeted workload. So when Roland asked me, if dubbed perceptions would like to produce an animation he has written with his client, I readily agreed. I knew he would keep the workload in check. Before I share with you my learning on this collaboration, let's have a look at the final story.

There are no shortcuts

One aspect Roland, Ehud (the animator) and I (Hynek) discussed was my role in all of this. After all, Roland prepared the story and the storyboard. This is my role when working on original creations by dubbed perceptions. Why not let Ehud work directly with Roland?

At the end it was Ehud’s call asking me to be part of the production. Ehud and I have been working together for many years. We know how to explain things to each other. We know what to expect from the other. We know how to push the other just a little bit further than the last time. So even though I had to sit down with Roland to understand his storyboard and then translate this to Ehud, we still saved valuable production time.

The animation has been produced in 4 languages and two versions. A 4.5 minutes (here above) and a 3 minutes version.